As of 2011 census, the majority of the population of the English Bazar municipality were Hindus with 86.95% adherents, followed by 11.02% Muslims and small populations of Sikhs and Christians. The paper contained 6 pages and the price is one anna in 1944. 57. No notable industry is made here. Check out Theatre Address, Prices, Rates, Film Shows, Movies & Cinemas Show Timings for Current & … 123–135, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 04:57. Malda was an undeveloped city which was enlarging from 1925 to 1930. The area between the historical monument of Jame Masjid (1566) and the landmark of Nimasarai tower across the river Mahananda, constituted a municipality in 1867. 45. 5 /10 social life. Malda Medical College and Hospital Recent Admission Alerts and Updates Malda Medical College was established in the year 2011 by the West Bengal Government. The city started to grow from 1925–1930. Nearly 32,90,160 people live in Malda. The inscriptions discovered in the district of undivided Dinajpur and other parts of North Bengal, along with the Allahabad pillar inscriptions of Samudragupta, clearly indicate that the whole of North Bengal as far east as Kamrup formed a part of the Gupta Empire. There are total 566482 confirmed cases of Covid19 in West-bengal, out of which 549727 have recovered, 6675 are still hospitalized and unfortunately 10080 deaths have been recorded in West-bengal till 2020-05-23. It lies 347 km (215 miles) north of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. [21] Malda has a sex ratio of 939 females for every 1000 males,[21] and a literacy rate of 62.71%.[21]. ... the availability is based on the occupancy at the Hospital. It was established in 2011 and the institute is affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Sciences,Kolkata . Eastern Railway was formed on 14th April, 1952 by integration of the East Indian Railway consisting of Sealdah, Howrah, Asansol and Danapur Divisions and the entire Bengal Nagpur Railway. The year 1832 saw the establishment of a separate treasury and the year 1859 the posting of a full-fledged magistrate and collector. 2020-12-21 ] 3rd BHMS March,2020 Examination. (Redirected from List of RTO districts in India) This is a list of the Indian Regional Transport Offices and the assigned codes for vehicle registration . Muslim rule ended in 1757. Thereafter the Muslim rule started. Northern part of the district has dominantly Hindu 53% population; Muslims are 46%. Alphabetical List of empanelled private hospitals/ diagnostic centres under West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008, with address and contact persons as on 28.02.13. Complete list of doctors in Malda Medical College & Hospital Malda with their specialities, appointment phone numbers, Email, Website, Awards | Sehat To avoid any inconvenience, it is advisable to check with the Call Center (Nurseline) whether a provider is available on the network. Mango, jute and silk are the most notable products of this district. The district maintains the traditions of the past in culture and education. District headquarters is English Bazar, also known as Malda, which was once the capital of Bengal. It eventually disappeared from the demographic map of Bengal. Review result of B.Pharm 8th Semester October,2020 [ pub. TIE UP HOSPITAL CENTRES FOR WEST BENGAL REGION Sl. 49, 50, 51. Relics of Muslim structures are present as Firuz minar, Adina Mosque (the largest mosque of South Asia then), Qutwali gate, etc. Malda district, also spelt Maldah or Maldaha (Bengali: , , often ; is a district in West Bengal, India.It lies 347 km (215 miles) north of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Active struggle between the Santhals and their landlords began about 1910. Memorial Medical College, Kishanganj, Bihar to elucidate the regional issues as well as the global similarities of this problem. The friction took an alarming proportion as early as 1910 when a zamindar of Bulbulchandi tried to enhance the rent. Kamalabari Malda West Bengal 732103 . Malda has special cultural sorts like Gombhira, Alkap, Kavigan etc. I am putting this hospital list here because the official site of Swasthyasathi scheme ( is not working properly for a long time.The smart card holders are finding it tough to get the hospital details. [19][20], Bengalis about 91% including Bengali Hindus and Bengali Muslims form the majority of the district population. Hindus are 40% in this part. Various classes and tribes like Polia, Shersabadia, Khotta, Panjhra, Santhals live here. The Trinamool Congress with 15 councillors holds the power in this municipality (as of 2015). Malda or English Bazar is a city in the Indian state of West Bengal.It is the sixth largest city (urban agglomeration) in West Bengal. Malda is called the gateway of North Bengal. The town rose to prominence as the river port of the old capital of Pandua. Featured Listings 45,463. The name Mal Daha was coined (Mal= riches, Daha= lake). Ltd. on Google, And it is very difficult to get their list so I gave the complete list through this post.