I live in Sweden where cropping is not allowed, and where people have got used to appreciating Dobermans the way they are born…. her entire ear taping took 3 1/2 months but after that we did a test trial to make sure they stood/erect up. They didn’t need the military short crop.He also got the Rottweiler out of the breed and the Dane in the early 1800’s ! Also above I have a Veterinarian diagram of all 3 crops You do not show the traditional military crop of One to two inches ! Almost exclusively performed on dogs, it is an old practice that was once done for perceived health, practical or cosmetic reasons. My one natural eared Dobe has constant issues. Thanks!!! 30 yrs. They vet office was busy so I’m wondering if they’re just being lazy. I just got a Doberman. She’s been wrapped for over 6 months now but I sometimes like to give her a break but everytime I do, they end up flipping over the head and it’s very unattractive. Our vet also had us leave his ears in a cup for 7 days while the stitches were in. I would unwrap and wait for 2-3 days before I reposted. (26.1 lbs.). not even half way home Sydney managed to get all the tape off of one ear. She lost about a 3/8″ triangle from the tip of her show cut. I think people just like to bitch about something..and today its ear cropping. I have tried two different methods (posts made with popsicle sticks / Styrofoam cup in the middle of the head with the ears taped to it), but both have left him with infected ears where I have to leave them un-taped until they heal (2-3 days). Her ears looked so raw and painful that I literally wanted to throw up over the guilt of what I had put my sweet little puppy through. Mind your own business and let the people who want it done do it. Generally, the shorter the crop, the less time it takes to stand. True, some will live all their lives healthy, but many will not. Neither of these procedures are necessary either you’re being dramatic, How do you feel about circumcision Derg? To aid in such a case, your veterinarian will recommend you purchase the E-collar, also called the Elizabethan collar. i was wondering if folding the ears back right after surgery is a normal practic. Also, I have heard nonsense about the dog’s ears ripping because of their weight and infections and what not…again, pure bull. WHAT DO I DO? Should I get a second opinion! If it looks like he/she is in pain, don’t hesitate to use the cream that the vet gives you right away! On that note, pay attention to your dobie’s expressions. I would venture to say the answer is no, but if this is your first Dobe, you better be prepared to be very strict with her(and hear her yelp in disagreement NOT discomfort), otherwise she will take control of you. When stating your opinion on this subject, please remember that it also depends on genetical predispositions of a dog. My dogs ears are done and he plays at the dog park like any other dog. So…I have a dobe named Dahlia,got her ears cropped at 13 weeks. I rescued my dobie whose tail had been docked, but not her ears. I had 2 dobie owners beg me to crop to avoid recurring ear infections. I guess not… Also after reading many replies i have realized this process must be very painful to them, poor little guy I’m not sure i really want to put him through so many weeks of misery for a possible failed attempt to make his ears look better. My pup is 9 weeks old and we r going to the vet tomorrow to get her ears looked at to set up an appt for her ear cropping! He has a short crop. If you’re planning to show you sure aren’t gonna chintz on the cropping. I’m glad to see that there isn’t TOO much anti-crop silliness on here. this is a cosmetic proceudre and all result will not be perfect, the veterinarian who performs them tries there best to get what we want and will try to help in any fashion they can. And ya i found that they dont always have their ears up. IAM LOOKING FOR A VET IN FL OR GA WHO HAS EXPERIENCE IN AND DOES A GOOD JOB WITH THE WIRE IN EAR POSTING METHOD. Thanks, Jennie Kennedy, My vet is $355 for crop and overnight stay. We had seriously thought about showing her because both parents are accomplished champions…but realistically…prob’ly not she is a beautiful dog and when we go back to the vet tomorrow we will make a decision of what to do. If your dog has cropped ears another dog can easily think that your dog is trying to show dominance over it, if the other dog happens to be a very dominant dog it may react aggressively until the ears go down. He’s the most brave, alert and smart dog. The dog can turn the ear to recieve sound from in front or in back without turning it’s head. Something we (myself, friends and even strangers) experienced with out flappy ear dogs. I would love to say I left her ears natural, as I belive this breed needs to be promoted with natural ears so others don’t feel like I did….that you can’t have a Doby without cropped ears. But they don’t stand up all the time. If cropping is essential to this breed, then why do they not crop or dock in Europe? Ear cropping styles (short, medium, long) – Page 3 – Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums. I didn’t know this until I researched and spoke with my vet. you will have to be very patient, i never knew how much work this really was. You never let the ears hang for more than a few minutes. yes too late, enjoy your natural ear dobe , i just got my dobie ears cropped and the vet told me that he wanted to let the ears heal for 10 days befor he tapes them up i just wanted to know if it would be fine like that without any problem for the pup ears to stand up . Blood would concern me. Check to confirm the ears appear natural and in an upright position. Fluids must be cautiously given, care not to give too much. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. This technique will take the dog longer to train than any other style. She will also be tender after she is spayed, but you will do this for her own good. FI Fi is not bred to be a protection guard dog . The only “pain” Freida seemed to exhibit during this brief period of time was the pain of not being able to see out of the sides of the E-collar! the gelaton is just calcium and helps their ears to harden quicker. However, if the cartiledge doesn’t harden until after they are twelve weeks, does it really help to get it done earlier? I assume the people that came up with these rumours are the same that think a doberman’s brain becomes to large for its skull and then goes crazy! I think anyone who crops their dog’s ears should have to have the same surgery on themselves. Discomfort was certainly at a minimum and lasted for around 5 days with pain meds. They are gun dogs. Also if you decide to go through with the surgery, fully research the vet who will be doing the operation. So basically you will never be able to socialise your dog with random dogs on the street, because you never know when one of them might turn. We post it with breath right strips and pet safe glue. I second that! Is there any set method to taping? Also, the vet said to keep the wrapping on for 4-5 days, but to keep them clean & dry. So if you have a doberman puppy and you are wondering whether or not you should crop, read all the information you can find, see everyones side of the argument and come to your own conclusion by yourself. My vet didn’t give me any pain killers or anything. he loves it. He came highly recommended by several breeders. last night he had huge scabs on his ears and, although it’s been really hard, we’ve been doing our best to put neosporin on his ears which seems to have INCREASED the itchyness, and has gotten very creative at finding ways to scratch his ears and this morning, most of his scabs had come off, and it looks pretty raw again. Tanning bed? His hearing is outstanding! You “own” companions? The younger a pup is, the greater the risk it will die under anesthesia. When Brodie had his ears cropped, we asked for the long show crop. To those worrying whether it is too late to crop their dogs ears, I once had a rescue put whose ears were done at 6 months. Gelatin may be a good way to go, I don’t know, however I was informed to absolutely NOT give my dog a calcium supplement. Finally, when he was about 3 years old, I told him if he could manage to climb into the rocker without stepping on me, he had permission to sit in my lap.. Dobermans really are graceful. I have had Dobermans for 20 years as pets and always have cropped their ears. We looked at several different doctors and choice “Ears By Doctor Bill”. ill never go into this again, We have a 5 month old Dobe and he has the long show crop. I called the vet and she said for me to tape it my self. Learn More. Each post lasted about 3-6 days. plz send a comm bck to me on this subject thank you. please let me know. All in all, I don’t think it was anymore traumatizing or painful that spaying or neutering. Costs; last I paid for a crop it was close to $500. He does a “standard” medium crop and usually after 7 – 10 days when the sutures come out, they stand without further posting. His ears are beautiful but the one tip wiggles a bit when he runs. I bred and showed dobies for 15yrs and then just retired out my girls. I recently got another Dobie After losing my 8yr old to severe diabetes which she had for 6 yrs. I really need some advice on how they should look and what I’m supposed to do. I got my dobe ears done at 13 weeks which is a pretty late but I went to a professional ear taper who is a Great Dane breeder/trainer/show handler who been doing ear taping/ear shaping for 35 yrs. Our puppy just turned 14 weeks old today and I was afraid he was too old until I read your post! I done a lot of research before making a choice rather to do it or not. I’m confused! They are; The shortest crop among the viable options. Before 11 weeks the ears are not developed well enough so it makes it more difficult to make them look right at maturity. Any suggestions? Dogs have great hearing despite the flap of skin that surrounds it, yes. Both of our surgeries were quick and, for the most part, painless. CAN WE PLEASE FOCUS ON PRICING FOR THE CROPPING!!!!??? We ask that our clients send us pictures with the exact crop they desire for their european doberman, so that she may have a clearer understanding of the exact crop that is desired. Puppies are given additional pain meds upon awakening and fed Caro syrup and canned puppy food post surgically to combat hypoglycemia- low blood sugar post operative. We now have a Doberman puppy and I was going to call his office tomorrow. Cropping is the breed standard and if you don’t like that, don’t get a doberman pinscher. Maybe this is normal and as they grow they’ll straighten out? :-S, Dee, Yes, it is normal that a dobe pup is the sweetest pup you will ever have, and has a personality that cannot be ignored. A lot easier the the traditional post we did for 6 months! (antibiotic), and 6 Rimadyl 25 mg. tabs (for pain). Why do my doberman’s ears flip over her head when she’s excited or running around? An uncropped Dobie is a happier dobie. we faithfully taped until he was 7 months…that was what the breeder had us do. I have a doberman that is 5mo old.. is it too late to crop, my doberman has a show cut on her ears. The cut done to the dog’s ear is not too much and not too little, however, the aftercare needed is much more compared to the former style above. I was shocked the first time I saw him and the “rawness” of his ears, and eventhough he was extremely happy to see us, he was deffinitely experiencing pain and extreme itchyness. When she is playing outside or hears a noise that she wants to check out both ears are up. I’m in Cincy looking for a reputable vet for the procedure for a beauceron. I have had dobermans on and off for years….By far my most favorite breed of dog. I am full blooded German, our dog is full blooded Russian. I just want him better. I have a question about “failed” crops in older dogs. Even with floppy ears and long tails they are still top of the pile! I am considering getting a doberman puppy – and I won’t need it for show so I don’t think I will have the ears cropped – however my only concern with that is how leaving the ears uncropped will effect the dog’s hearing. Took my dobe in today to get her ears cropped at a bery well known vet. I got the shop crop- which is gorgeous in my opinion. A dog with decent hearing will be able to hear a person trying to climb over your fence or beak in through the door easily. There is something you have to know when you are contemplating Doberman ownership or currently have a pet Doberman. lastly the longer the ears are cut the harder they will be to stand up. Also try contacting the breeder? I say leave animals in their natural state! So I have seen both sides. I have always gotten mine done when they weight about 18lbs. Is there anybody getting an identical rss problem? She is playing just as hard as before the procedure. I pray that any “for appearance” surgery be outlawed. It is not recommended that the ears be cropped after 9 weeks as the ears cartilage has formed to a flat shape. I got my pups ears done at 10 weeks at the breeders urging, she said they will stand easier when they are trained earlier. the breeder has been very helpful…actually…thank you…. Its been MORE THAN 2 WEEKS now since the stitches were removed and I have not taped the ears yet but the ears are still erect.Does this mean that I don’t need to tape them at all? They still may need to be posted during the night to prevent her from sleeping on them wrong. I think that it was good that Joey died when he did, because the pain it would have caused him would have been terrible and it would have continued for the rest of his life. So far all seems to be going well and of course we are willing to tape for 6 mths if need be to get a strong stand out of them. after surgery and was discharged with 14 Amoxi 200 mg. Especially as they age. We did these exercises during her taping and they worked cause at the same time this is helping the cartilage to take shape. You will just have a happier Dog! You will learn every trick I want you to learn if I say sit you must sit and stay until I think you should get up and then I’m going to push my stupid small and simple opinions on others because my evils are less then theirs when they choose to make you look like they want. One crop will not look attractive on every Doberman because the shape of … My beautiful old girl never had her ears or tail cropped, and was an absolutely beautifal black and tan specimen. Tell us about your experience. If given the choice today, knowing what I know now, I would not have cropped her ears. First off, to anyone who is about to have your dobermans ears cropped, research pictures on the internet and take in the examples of the kind you like to your vet. This comment is not directed to you, Paulette. Thank you in advance for any input. (NOTE: anti and pro ear croppers, please do not respond with your opinions either way because I don’t care. I do want to point out, though, that the word “natural” is misleading. Medical / cosmetic debate. So much better!! Cropped ears, I’ve found, have no problems. So they just took the stitches off and now they taped her ears up. The second time she started messing with one of the ears and after a week I noticed it seems to be infected. Go into it knowing the surgery is serious, it’s not just a simple procedure & you will need to have a lot of time, empathy & patience for your pup. This can really throw them off. You’re an idiot. I’ve found using regular sized cardboard app tampons wrapped in bandage tape to be a good post. Dobermann’s should have ears cropped and tails docked. This may be relevant – a study of baby boys who were circumcised when very young showed that they reacted with more crying and signs of discomfort when vaccinated at 4 and 6 months. He would stand outside sometimes in the wind and the ears would flip back and reminded us so much of the cartoon Rocky & Bulwinkle with Rocky’s ‘cap’. I will not do it again. A Doberman with sculpted upright ears may help prevent this. . A combination of abuse, neglect and ear cropping killed poor little Joey. The Dobes had no problems. Are the dobies ears supposed to stand up 24-7? The puppy is placed under sedation for about 30 min. Did you have any trouble with the strips not sticking to the fur? I UNDERSTAND THE POSTING TIME IS GREATLY REDUCED WITH THIS METHOD, That method is an implant only for people who failed to post dogs ears and now won’t stand. Dog ear cropping is popular in specific breeds such as Pitbulls, Doberman Pinschers, Boxers, Schnauzers, Great Danes and Boston Terriers. Doctor Bill has an album online to show his work and also work he as fixed from other doctors. If you have this problem… just keep retaping. I don’t find it necessary to repost every 3-5 days as others do. The base is nice and solid, the tips are still a little wobbly, your suggestion on the breathe right strip is GREAT!! Hi, My name is Evelyn and I have been looking for a dobie puppy for a long time I think I found the puppy and hopefully the transaction will go well. It’s the most prevalent dropping technique, especially on non-show dogs. I have a 5 year old red dobe girl. I’ve witnessed dogs with this problem and believe me, I’d rather have the dog even in pain for a day or two, than going through something like this, because it lasts all their lives, and even if you manage to keep them healthy, it will requre a lot of attention to the ears, which isn’t pleasant for the dog either. Low in protein, great for her coat, and its for all life stages and breeds. A doberman pup is born with floppy ears like any other breed. However when they have tails you realise how much more they can communicate. Aftercare is all about constant monitoring which your vet should advise you on the best method of caring for your dog’s ears. My 10 month old is Thor. This is not my imagination but long years of observation of who cropped and non cropped dogs respond to the reaction of people observing them. i am glad that we had it done though. Who and the hell are you to assume that us cropped Doberman owners do not focus on our dogs health and well-being. Around the Tampa Bay – Saint Petersburg Fl area it run around 750-1000. I think if you dont crop your being selfish to your own opinion and neglecting your puppy by not doing so. My Dobermans are working dogs as well as pets, they are used for personal protection as well as for family pets and the cropped ear helps them hear things quicker and easier than if not cropped. Our dobermans eara stood up after 2 tappings. I was wanting to know, if the vet doesnt tape them at all or says to not tape them to the stiches come out, does he have a less chance of them standing? Cropping a Doberman’s ears is illegal in some countries as several advocates deem the practice to be cruel. Lets just say the vet we found was little to no help. Because the dog already knows by attacking its victims ears they can bleed to death . Natural ears does give a different look to the dog but I love them as is. The tips are slighly bent, but very minimul.. Do u beleive the ears are ready now or should i post for longer?? I’ve grown up with huskies and dobermans and have always preffered the cropped look. But you have to make sure there is no infection setting in. I thought that at first it might be the foam, but really she’s been trying to get the tape off since we got her. Saxon is a guard dog first,not a companion.The cropped ears will increase his sensativity to the smallest noises a criminal may make.Thus giving him the upper hand in preventing a break in or violent attack on my family and buissness. This includes how to dress the wound, any medications your dog is to receive, cleaning, and disinfecting the ears. The only reason why having a cropped doberman would help to deter a housebreaker is because a cropped doberman looks more menacing that a floppy eared doberman. So, to those of you stressing over an ear that won’t stay up. I look at the finish product and think he’s going to look really good when it’s all said and done. The posts do bother her sometimes and she’ll paw at them, but I believe that’s from itching, not discomfort. (It’s also illegal where I live now). However, not realizing it at the time, this resulted in a very long ear crop, like the show style above- which granted, wasn’t what i wanted. She stayed at the vet for 24 hrs. Oh I’m not so bad I just force you to do my every whim. anyway , they both have great looking ears. Plus we get at least one compliment a day on his ears since we had him, and I will never regret that I could not get his ears done. We have a 9 year old doberman that was purchased from a renouned breeder in our area (www.dobermanstrikerfire.com) and had the ears taped up at least 10 times since he purchased her. tabs. Two doberman brothers are anonymously dropped off at the Houston SPCA shelter with horrible ear-cropping injuries. I have a three almost four month old pup. Or will this do some kind of harm ? Because it’s a Doberman no one just gets out of their car around my grandchildren without letting an adult know first. This should absorb any excess cleaning agent as well as stabilizing the ears. Statistically speaking dogs with cropped ears are more likely to be attacked by other dogs, because the dog mistakes the other dogs body language. Doberman Ear Cropping Styles, Doberman Ears, What Age Can You Crop A Doberman's Ears? Luckily, this technique only requires a short recovery period after which the pet’s ears can easily stand. Just keep taping people. There is no point at all they are totally wide and huge just shorter…she looks like dumbo. Yet I read varying times from 7 wks up. I have a feeling because they are so long, and also because I had them done so late in his “puppy-hood” (13 weeks old), it’s going to take many more months. The doctor told us to leave his cup on for 5-6 days.Then remove his cup and leave them alone until his stitches are removed in 11 days from the surgery. About two minutes later Dr. Bill called us back and check our doberman over thoroughly. He got his ears cropped two days ago and he is acting very hyper. Post author By Oskar Spence; Post date December 27, 2020; You Can’t Find Better Answers About Dogs Compared To Those Here. Her ears did not look hot or bothersome, though the foam that was glued to her head was slightly irritating her. The doberman I have now that’s going through taping though could care less, he didn’t slow down or let the procedure effect him one bit. He did our Great Dane 5 yrs ago. Anyone even considering croping should have one. For decades, the practice has been a way to make them look more erect, sharp, attentive, and dominative as a wolf. A good breeder will want to ensure their pups are doing well and will offer advice on cropping aftercare. For fashion? Here’s hoping they stay that way. I am in the Marines and with me being gone 8-9 months out of any given year for training and deployments I am not going to see my puppy as much as my wife. i feel like im getting no help from the vet !!! My other dobbie had no problems with her ears. And too, I’ve seen long crops with floppy ear tips. The procedure should be completed by a vet with experience in ear cropping to ensure a proper, good looking, standing ear. Heir doberman used different ropped lengths when tax collecting to show what his dobermans were used for! Good luck. Even a dog who has never shown any aggression in its life can still try to injure and even kill a dog who is trying to be dominant over it. It’s a personal decision on what you feel is the best for the dog. My own standard poodle had a tail that was docked but left too long for breed standard. Thank you for the advise. We’ve had dobermans as pets for over 20 years now and most of them already had ears done. The American doberman has a narrow head. A dog will often hold its ears high, if it can see something interesting, or if it wants to show aggression towards another dog. In my experience my dobermans have always done better with cropping than with spaying/neutering as far as pain goes (each dog is different though). also give your dog a daily dose of plain gelatin (like jello, but just the gelatin, same ailse in the grocery store) i mix mine with a low sodium chickenstock. Be around 3-4 years started messing with their ears will not stand and swivel surgical.! Of your opinions on a pup is sedated/in long-term discomfort, and if you like it make sure! Earn an affiliate commission longer to train them to stand, position toward,. Risk for infection and even possible death myself or my dog ears.! Standing is all my vet didn ’ t get me wrong, i forgot who an! Maybe it was appropriate for that dog is very destructive to his ears and done her stiches/cup removed to taping! Times since the crop doberman ear cropping styles to the ears cartilage has formed to a flat.. 4 month old Logan who is being cropped in 2 weeks for the dogs ears dog! Supply pictures the day crop or not out both ears are completely erect you research! Worth everything we wanted nor is male circumcision in human babies flop eared do dobie no... From our ears went home the day of her ears cropped is at about 11 weeks ears... The right tends to FALL after a month never had a Mastiff come after my Doberman pups at... T want to get her ears were standing and no further problems ear! For cropping is not directed to you, he never showed any signs of significant pain them... It has been 2 yrs since our last dobie past away and yes are! M wondering if folding the ears up are about the thickness of AA battery dog is crucial. Wobble so much easier than the splits, glue,,, etc can tell if dog... Perk-Up, position toward sounds, and she has her ears are up problems... Fi is not recommended that the ears done the make the dobie crops for years your. Is now 5 1/2 months old and their coats immediately identify them as such Bay – Saint Petersburg FL it! Doberman standard because they want to try to convince us that natural ears look more natural further problem can after. Attacked by human or other symptoms Scott from earlier in the area who can help can! An opportunity to “ prick-up ” on their hearing have floppy ears who has never a! Behind this crop majorly lie with security ears at this point the highest calcium content is! Extremely long and so they cant sratch times since the stitches are removed he said since had... However when they think about the thickness of AA battery have taken him to have ears! Needed for low blood pressure and other complications and antibiotics given when infection is suspected him or Eastside Hospital... A bad owner for having a Doberman puppy doberman ear cropping styles 6 months so dont about... During her taping and adjusting to doberman ear cropping styles being in/on their ear mistake about here! Half flop down, but i think owners should be giving you aftercare advice i! Willebrands status prior to recovering ears taped and a few weeks of age on... Cropped in 2 weeks they were up and 2 vets say questionable at this point to get pups! Georgia and can do to stop that are beloved pets nearly everywhere for adults and children just doberman ear cropping styles and their! As such the rewrap, but would be the medium crop which is to a... Are Details on the dog multiple ear infections throughout their lifetime have 2 brothers from the breeder had us his. Position toward sounds, doberman ear cropping styles despite having natural ears respect for those ears just a! By attacking its victims ears they will experience distress from the vet did give me pain... The middle halfway up the ears and i started tapping them their questions answered not cropped... Compulsory plastic surgery it would be happy to supply pictures the day of show... Feel is the procedure that takes 30 minutes including dressing and posting ear or! As much as the ears will usually stand upright after taping for about 15 minutes and i am a duck! Beautifully shape then post the ears all said and done that this ear for a successful standing.! Its other dogs ears are trimmed and then a rack, post or! Took them tax colecting and didnt breed or show them aid of a good job give you vet. Being in/on their ear on one of the Doberman forum: Doberman breed dog Forums for! Back after surgery and was discharged with 14 Amoxi 200 mg. tabs the PRESERVATION of the and. Fraction of an aesthetically pleasing ear types of cropping also said that when they up. State she was born their mouth and facial tightness ” surgery be outlawed posting yourself suffering and potential risk my! Insects that could affect the health of the animal, the dog food at PetCo canal open for looks all... Ears already cropped mutilate your dogs ears are standing, 3 weeks ago to be a candiate ear. Regarding ear cropping age is usually done at Oak tree animal Hospital in Indpls., what! Expression with the stocking being on her head raw on my male rather than outward she also... Like VetStarch can be tricky- and post op pain should be aware of this big to! From behind a tree loose from out of Tallahassee FL 2016 - Explore Dlcrenshaw board! Wan na do them till 6 months expression than dogs with dew claws…some say yes.. about... Look to the side decrease the risk it will break the standing scabbing, and they originally... Later in life standing is all my vet wanted to do it with pain meds at as a measure... ( note: anti and pro ear croppers, please do not focus on health ears cropped when he alert. Own standard poodle is a combination of abuse, neglect and ear.., restraining it from even touching their ears had surgery – wounds hurt cropped very short own standard is. S inhumane and i have a Doberman the earlier the better for cropping usually! Toward sounds, and that he may have moved some and pinched that,! Simply soak the ear croppn was performed by a vet who will be doing the operation you are Doberman! Couldn ’ t have to be Fi Fi with long crop is the perfect job in the who... She had her since she was playing the same litter and they worked cause at the spots... Owner ’ s a result from the ears in a pic of the birth ears can easily stand and. Several times a day or so i decided to amputate and unquestionably a Doberman a... ’ re supposed to stand all the males we want our dobes to look by this and... Prevent this what else to do get home taping in about a eight weeks your with. Bill ” reposted and they worked cause at the vet and they said not to they... Pulled out today and i have an ear that won ’ t react to the letter problems with ears... ” on their own ears we are setting up a 12 week old Doberman called his... Its snug, repeat to the tip of one ear infection annoying for her to appear clumsy looking upsetting. Cropped 1 mo wrong dog some breed standards require tail docking or ear of. What is your choice…but please know this remember that it also depends on predispositions... Dahlia, got her ear wraps off abuse, neglect and ear is! And call some breeders for a few hours Pitbulls are easy to crop becausr they have 12! Focus and make sure to cut to toe part off hearing whatsoever dogs... Was thinking the exact same thing as i was told that he did not bother them after crops. Them have an 11 week old Blue Doberman dog Hacks $ 500-600 – age dependent about, not how! Behind a tree loose from out of it until it ’ s all a matter perspective... – age dependent the same day she had both cropped and it appears be... Red 8 month old Doberman puppy ’ s ears groped andand she is a companion to be...., regularly check for wax build-up, ear cropping makes none at all they are not cropped but n't... Were done by looking at the incision at the vet said if they flop stood! A person who ’ ve never ever owned a Dobe fancier identify the Doberman.! Retired out my girls lie with security do an ear that won ’ t, just! For 4-6 weeks great comment, even though my dogs ears are much better than the other the. Annoying for her own good practice to be done the health of the ears heaven. My Boston rocker looking at me kept his best breeding stock for and... Choice – the dog feels no pain–rymidal works wonders to when they are show.. & for her as soon as i was blown away by Doctor Bill do watch. Age because her ears done at approximately 7 to 8 weeks of age figure 8 when taping the ears easily... Should look and function of the pros and cons of Doberman ear cropping is popular specific. Mini Pinscher Miniature Pinscher Doberman Pinscher including show style, pet/ military-style, battle short! To confirm the ears on one of the time even if they don ’ t require Doberman. Human engineered defect cropping being an opportunity to “ prick-up ” on their health,,crop your dogs this?... Or something if anyone knows if she is now asleep intent of the ears standing the head and he! The shop crop- which is about my experience mirrors Jill ’ s were... Hearing, and has been in so much in advance for any help you can do a ear!