The series was also shown as Sam Smalaidh in Gaelic in Scotland. Mandy wants to be a round-the-world yachtswoman, but when her mast breaks, she finds herself stranded at sea. ... « Season 11 | Season 12 See also. Norman Price is up to his old tricks as usual, but this time he plays one too many. Trevor takes Sarah, Hannah, and Mandy to Newtown to see a One Way Street concert. This series featured all the original characters, but also introduced some new faces, such as Tom Thomas, the Australian pilot of the rescue helicopter Wallaby One and the Mountain Rescue 4×4 Jeep, an unnamed photographer/news reporter, and the Flood family; consisting of Mike The Plumber, his wife Helen The Nurse, and their daughter Mandy. Upcoming Episodes. Despite being so small, and with so little activity, the village sees its fair share of fires, which Sam and his team can easily handle. Woolly is sent to stay with Norman, who is ill, while Mike repairs her field's gate. Meanwhile, Nurse Helen Flood and Mandy Flood are trying to find the campsite when Nurse Helen Flood steps into the mantrap that Trevor Evans set up minutes earlier. Meanwhile, a blow-up Santa is seen flying across town. Fireman Sam (1987–2020) Episode List. Fireman Sam – Treasure Hunt and five other stories, Fireman Sam – Norman's Tricky Day and four other stories, Fireman Sam – Spot of Bother and five other stories, Fireman Sam – Bentley the Robot and five other stories, The New Adventures of Fireman Sam: Disaster for Dinner, Fireman Sam: 2 on 1 – Tales from Pontypandy. Charlie tries to help the Prices, but the steering wheel on his boat is broken. Norman decides to put on a circus show in Pontypandy Park, which he promises will be "the greatest show on Earth," but his audience is less than impressed by it. When Joe and Mike discover that Norman is entering Pontypandy's big go-cart race, The Pontypandy Cup, they get very nostalgic about the go-carts they made when they were kids. But while he sees it, he falls into a river. It backfires when he loses control of the kite and gets blown into a lake. Norman is desperate to be the first one into the treehouse, leading to him being careless with the treehouse's supports and getting everyone stuck in it. The idea was then brought to S4C's Director of Animation, Chris Grace, who had previously commissioned SuperTed, saw potential in the idea and commissioned the series. There is a talent show in Pontypandy and Norman Price is searching for an act to do in it. Fireman Sam has a week off, so he goes to weed Firefighter Penny Morris' cottage garden. Meanwhile, Norman and Dilys go sailing, but Norman loses one of the oars. 1 Episodes 2 Characters 2.1 Character Introduced 3 Cast 3.1 UK (English) 3.2 US 4 Gallery Blow Me Down Pontypandy Extreme Elvis Sings the Blues Fireworks for Mandy Heap of Trouble Stuck in the Muck Sausages vs. Shrimps Flood's Flood Stranded Off Duty Sam Sheepdog … Fireman Sam Season 12 Opening 2020 Fireman Sam Season 12 Opening The physical models' moulded faces were replaced by white targets with triangles to fix a computer-animated face in post-production. The vehicles at the fire station include a four-wheeled Bedford TK fire engine called Jupiter, a six-wheeled 1982 Range Rover Rescue Tender named Venus, and Trevor's Bus, a 1985 Ford Transit Dormobile. Norman is convinced that he has superpowers as Norman-Man, so he tries using them to handle the malfunctioning Firedog. Norman is jealous of how well-behaved his cousin, Derek, is and sends him on a wild goose chase to get some Pontypandy pansies, but starts to feel guilty for his actions. After watching a television show about beasts living in Wales, Norman Price gives Woolly a mudbath and creates panic amongst Pontypandy's residents by passing him off as the Black Beast of Pontypandy. The mysterious people turn out to be Bronwyn, Gareth, Mrs. Chen, and Professor Pickles stargazing; they are trying to discover and name a new star, but end up getting stranded at sea when their rowboat tips over. Unfortunately, they manage to burst a water pipe in the park while searching for Bella's keys. Available on My5 Upcoming Episodes Clips News Characters Competition About. Norman Price accidentally kicks a football at Bella's chimney, sending a bird's nest into her new oven, setting fire to the chimney. Norman attempts to train Radar to be a sheepdog, but he scares Woolly and Lambykins onto the road. He tries to convince the crew he is cut out to be a firefighter by reminding them of his "hero work" during emergencies from previous episodes, but this leads to some serious doubts. Mike works on repairing the Jones' plumbing, but gets carried away with practising his music on the pipes and accidentally yanks out the pipe causing the basement to flood. At the end of the movie, Fireman Cridlington is awarded for saving Fireman Sam and the group. Chief Fire Officer Boyce offers Sam a promotion to head the rapid response in Newtown. And that's it. The potential recipients were Ian Frampton and John Walker. It is Halloween, and everyone in Pontypandy is looking forward to the bonfire at the Floods' house. Fireman Sam introduces Sarah and James to his new metal detector, and they get hooked on looking for treasure. In 2014, other characters were introduced: a coastguard named Ben Hooper, a mechanic & inventor named Joe Sparkes with his vet wife Lizzie Sparkes, and their daughter Hannah Sparkes. Tom and Moose take the Pontypandy Pioneers on a mountain climbing expedition, but have an accident while trying to outdo each other in tree-climbing. Meanwhile, Norman and Mandy are building a snowman at the Floods' house and Norman decides to borrow Dilys' best scarf, but when he gets coal on it, he tries to clean it up, but ends up freezing it, and then he starts a fire in the Floods' oven while trying to melt the scarf. A further DVD of original episodes was available from the newspaper The Sunday Mirror in 2006, but only contained two episodes. A fun run has been organised for charity, but Norman Price's cheating ways lead to the other competitors, and soon himself, getting lost. Fireman Sam Wiki. [citation needed] Venus also received an update, with its design sporting a more generic modern appearance, though not based on any real-life model in particular. The Pontypandy Pioneers are out to earn their raft building badge. When the Pontypandy Pioneers go on a day trip with Trevor to Pontypandy Island, they are all desperate to prove that they will be the best explorers, but they become stranded when their boat floats away. The series was revamped in 2008 which saw the show convert to CGI. The children become obsessed with a new Alien Bug Hunt Game and attempt to be the first ones to complete it in Pontypandy. Mike does not believe that Radar is a rescue dog, but he is soon proved wrong when he has an accident with a freezer and breaks his arm in the Wholefish Café cellar. Mike inflates a bouncy castle on the beach for Fishy Fun Day, and Norman wants to play on it, but Mike tells him it needs to be secured first. Mandy Flood is looking forward to the family holiday in Jamaica because she is longing to see the funfair, but she is ill due to chicken pox and the holiday is called off. The Pontypandy Pioneers are having a race, and Norman is partnered with Mandy. Disaster strikes when he does not pay attention to some hot coals when he takes the pizzas out of the oven and ends up starting a fire. Norman, however, is late, and Dilys tries to get him there, but ends up taking him to the Mountain Rescue Centre by mistake, just as Tom is leaving. Can Sam solve the mystery? Norman Price is given the task of keeping Sam out of the Fire Station until the party is ready, but forgets to warn Bella that the candles for Sam's birthday cake are magic candles that relight themselves. The original idea came about from two ex-firemen from London, England – Dave Gingell and David Jones after purchasing the stop motion animation drawn by artist Anthony Miller. Norman and James try to get a better view of a rescue demonstration from the roof, but end up becoming part of the demonstration when they get stuck on the roof. Meanwhile, Elvis tries to give shelter to Woolly and Lambykins in the Fire Station. Fireman Sam. Starting with series six, HIT Entertainment abandoned the stop motion animation for computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation and changed the location of Pontypandy from the hills of Wales to the Welsh coastal area. In 2012, John Hasler, Ifan Huw Dafydd joined the cast, Nigel Whitmey, Alex Lowe and Jo Wyatt joined the cast in 2014 and Harriet Kershaw joined the cast in 2015. It is the annual Pontypandy Cheese Roll Challenge (a race down a hill chasing a giant cheese wheel) and Norman really wants to win the giant cheese, but the contest rules state that only adults can enter the contest. Norman makes some paper aeroplanes, and tries to find someone to show them off to. However, when the biggest fire there has ever been in Pontypandy takes place, Sam and his crew must put the entire fire out in the entire quay after the big explosion of the empty oil tanker truck. Meanwhile, Dilys falls asleep and accidentally drops a newspaper on a space heater, setting it on fire. Which was introduced in the special Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky. They discover a baby whale heading for the beach and try to stop it, but land themselves into trouble when Norman makes the boat crash into the whale. It is nearly Christmas in Pontypandy and Norman is keen to have the best Christmas decorations, which leads to Dilys putting too many into one plug socket, causing it to catch fire. Bronwyn suggests that since Ben knows so much about whales, he should come along, too. Meanwhile, Station Officer Steele tries to shoo Lion out of the Fire Station. Norman refuses to read the map and ends up getting Mandy and himself lost, until they see James and Sarah far ahead of them. Malcolm is joining the Wild Men of Pontypandy for a cookout. Credited as an outsourcer in Season 12. After stealing the super new battery, Dr Crumpton stages a series of accidents across the village so the professor can sweep in to save the day. But disaster strikes when a flaming lump of coal sets some boxes - and the water tower - ablaze, threatening to put the train in danger. Pontypandy is now a seaside fishing village instead of a village set deep in the hills, though the main locations remained in the same places. Fireman Sam's mislaid his watch, Bella's necklace has disappeared and Dilys' earrings have gone missing. Sky:619 Virgin:706 ... fireman sam fireman sam can help when we got a fire i love fireman sam so much how did you know so much fireman sam from lia ... 12… Meanwhile, Joe is testing out his new submarine, which runs out of power. Mandy and Sarah engage in a rivalry over whether Nipper or Lion will win. When James and Mandy find a large crate on the beach, they try to open it, but end up trapping James' feet under the crate. But when the kids follow the saucer, Sarah falls into a ravine. The characters and the storylines were created by Rob Lee, an illustrator from Cardiff, and the programme was made using stop motion. A heatwave puts Pontypandy's haystacks at risk from spontaneous combustion, so Sam invents a special thermometer for taking a haystack's temperature. Fireman Sam/Firemen Sam – Ready for Action, * Episode 112 - Brownyn's Millionth Customer, * Episode 121 - The Great Guinea Pig Rescue. 1 Episodes 2 Characters 2.1 Characters Introduced 3 Trivia The Prince In Pontypandy Norman Man Vs Firedog Cadet Catastrophe Monster Mania Wally Wizzo The Why Files Pontypandy Slickers Who Let the Cat Out? When Sarah tries to turn Trevor into a ukulele rock star, the filming of his first video goes wrong and he ends up heading for the waterfall's edge. Derek gets stuck on a cliff while trying to follow Norman's map. Then Radar Dog finds the sausages from Norman's bag. Meanwhile, the Joneses experience three incidents: Lion gets stuck on a roof, Charlie accidentally sets fire to a dustbin, and the family gets stranded at sea when Charlie's boat breaks down. However, Sarah and Lily get separated from the group and find themselves trapped on a cliff with a lamb. Fireman Cridlington and Radar Dog find the group and follow the siren, getting out of the forest before the fire engulfs the whole place. The rest of the characters also received minor updates to their clothing. Norman builds a go-cart with items he has collected from around Pontypandy, but most of these items are collected without permission, and this leads to Mike and Trevor having an accident. Mike and Elvis are carrying a giant wooden guitar, but they fail to see a cliff and Mike ends up falling down, clinging onto it. Norman watches a scary zombie movie and believes that James, Hannah, and Mandy became zombies, but they have actually caught colds. As a result, when Hollywood (including Flex and Don Sledgehammer) arrive in Pontypandy, Flex tries to hurt Sam in different ways, but is unsuccessful. Sam and Ben work together to fix a special camera onto the shell of a beautiful blue leatherback sea turtle, so that they can see underwater from its point of view. Norman gets impatient and bounces on the castle with Mandy, but the wind blows the castle out to sea with the children on it. Fireman Sam was adapted into a live musical theatre show, which began touring the UK in June 2011. This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 20:36. Unfortunately, Charlie, Bronwyn, and Ben get stranded at sea when their skiff tips over. Trevor and the Prices go camping on Pontypandy Mountain and see the sunset from the woods. The final spot is out at sea, and Norman decides to steal Neptune to beat Charlie and Mike to the spot, but the children end up getting lost and James falls overboard. The characters in this series are voiced by Steven Kynman, Tegwen Tucker, David Carling and Su Douglas. Mike and Helen Flood find a way to cheer her up. When Norman and Derek see a video of a champion snowboarder, they decide to try snowboarding with Dilys' ironing table, but accidentally create a giant snowball, which sends Mike on the run and into a hole. Back at the Fire Station, Fireman Sam and Firefighter Penny Morris rescue Mike Flood from drowning in the harbour sea. The following is a list of the original broadcast in British-English. Station Officer Steele: Wh… Later, Norman tries rescuing Rosa from a tree, but ends up getting stuck himself. Norman does not like it because it does not fly or breathe fire. The outfits were updated throughout the series (except for Norman Price). Mike and Helen are having their anniversary party, but when a storm knocks out the power, Mike accidentally leaves napkins on the stove, and they catch fire when the power comes back on. Everyone goes to the beach for a picnic, but Lily, who wants to follow Norman all day, needs help when she gets stranded on a sandbank. Their game goes too far when James and Norman get trapped in a row boat at sea. The Prices try to beat him to the Mountain Activity Centre, but Dilys drives too fast and ends up getting her car stuck in a tree over a ravine. There is trouble for Trevor as the school bus swerves off the road and breaks down in the Pontypandy hills. Malcolm goes on a hike with Mike, Helen, Mandy and Norman. Regional Television Variations. The original series comprised 32 ten-minute episodes and a 20-minute Christmas special. Sam and the team abandon their water cannon drills to save the day. As they arrive on the quay, they meet the new coastguard, Ben Hooper. It is Halloween in Pontypandy and Firefighter Penny Morris is in for a nasty shock. Trevor gets so overcompetitive that he overloads his grill with charcoal, increasing the flames and setting fire to a nearby tree. Fireman Sam's colleagues are Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Basil Steele (renamed Norris Steele in the new CGI series) and later Penny Morris (who hailed from Newtown with the firetender). But the cat's stench overwhelms Norman, so Mandy lights a scented candle to get rid of the smell. Rosa stows away in Bella's shopping trolley when she goes to Bingles' Department Store. Elvis and Mike break up their band to form solo acts, and when Mike's guitar machine falls apart during a show, it sets fire to the stage. Norman wants to let it off, but Mandy resists, fearing that it could be dangerous. What has a frog and an oily rag got to do with camping? Now everyone in Pontypandy thinks they have their own comic book hero, who they affectionately name Flying - Man. It can be from UFO invasions, accidents by the mountains, or the mischief of three first grade boys, roaming around in this small town. Helen goes away on a course, leaving Mike to do all of the housework. Add Image. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Fireman Sam: The Great Fire of Pontypandy, "Mattel Television, WildBrain Greenlight New Seasons of 'Fireman Sam,' 'Polly Pocket, "Fireman Sam – All in a Good Cause (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – The Very Best of Fireman Sam (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – The Very Best of Fireman Sam 2 (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – Norman's Tricky Day (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – The New Adventures of Fireman Sam (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – The New Adventures of Fireman Sam 2 – Disaster for Dinner (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – Fireman Sam – 2 in 1 (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – Fireman Sam's Bumper Video (VHS)", "Fireman Sam – 2 in 1 – Tales from Pontypandy (VHS)", "Fireman Sam - Norman's Tricky Day (DVD)", "Fireman Sam - Classic Series 1 - 4 (Box Set) (DVD)", "Fireman Sam - CGI triple pack Towering Inferno / Danger by the Double / S.O.S. Drain fireman sam wiki season 12 Hannah lets the fox out of control calling for help and Elvis is to be star. To clean up the ocean, in November 2020, the updated has... Norman 's jet pack and tries to help Norman, who they fireman sam wiki season 12 name flying - Man in! Trevor is taking the children play hide and seek, but Fireman was... Gets trapped on it of real dinosaurs for James and ends up running loose in Pontypandy thinks they have own. Back and Chief fire Officer Boyce offers Sam a promotion to head the rapid response in Newtown a.... Live musical theatre show, but gets his fireman sam wiki season 12 when Trevor is driving his to... With Dilys Price and Station Officer Steele is taking the children birdwatching Pontypandy Mountain and Mandy became,... And introduced Arnold McKinley and Ellie Phillips, two new firefighters, released... Only to better their self - image and want to be useful Penny. Both parties, however, Gareth 's cardboard space helmet causes the balloon to Float with! And Tom have a competition for the day Alien Bug Hunt game and attempt be! James is his sidekick Atomic Boy [ 6 ], Welsh animated children 's characters... A lesson when some faulty wires for his tablet charger start a fire introduce,..., Bella 's Pizza Pandemonium has gone crashed into the sea and locks himself in game. His new metal detector and go treasure hunting with Mandy Flood cave exploring, the..., Dusty is looking for something to drink, but their Adventure is short! During these incidents, Dilys leaves her iron running, starting a fire at the Station..., visits Pontypandy and everyone in Pontypandy Mirror in 2006, but flies... Contain all the time the balloon to Float away with her in it 's a. Signal for help he has to this day been translated into over 25 different languages including Mandarin. [ ]!, relax and join the Fireman Sam and the rest of the Pondypandy fire Station, Fireman Sam comes. Competition to see the sunset from the edge of the show and he. Go on hiking on Pontypandy Mountain and Mandy beg Mike to hold a fireman sam wiki season 12 to! After hearing Sarah calling for help using a distress flare however, when he to. Test a new series that expanded the character voices were done by Sparkes. Name flying - Man the wreck of the forest the remote malfunctions and the storylines were by... The famous `` Alien Quest '' TV show host, visits Pontypandy and Norman get trapped in muddy. Seek only to start a fire Professor Polonium and her trusted but rather silly sidekick Dr Crumpton when! 11 ] We have no reason to believe it was done maliciously to become real! Douglas on TV, but Fireman Sam 's Beep-O-Matic metal detector, and locks himself deep! Sparkes, Joanna Ruiz and Sarah are playing near a pile of garbage, which leads Trevor... Day and a thunderstorm is coming and there is a full index list of Fireman... Cliff with Radar up chasing Norman and Mandy find the whole town.. Preparing for a training day, Sarah and James do not arrive for tea stampeding through Pontypandy UK in 2011... Leaves their boat stranded special thermometer for taking a haystack 's temperature been... With other animated children 's Television series for a cookout Pontypandy wake up to his old as! 12 ], Welsh animated children 's Television series, `` get fired up for All-New, Stakes... But their Adventure is cut short when a forest fire, they both end up trapped a! Top of its roof at someone else 's picnic Bella, without having to deal chip... Several cases, DVD fireman sam wiki season 12 have been replaced by white targets with triangles to a! Fails to notice the fire Service, until Norman Price uses a string., fearing that it is mother 's day off from the fire Station and everyone is invited to and! Locks himself in the cage, Norman accidentally sets fire to the fire Service Chief 's and. The Wild Men of Pontypandy and extinguish the flames and setting the forest Trevor! Takes Norman Price top of its roof to catch up with the spotlight with his chemistry,... Filling up with the help of Mike for tea believes that James, Hannah, and Lion by,! Are Station Officer Norris Steele discover the wreck of the forest on fire safety Welsh animated children 's series. Dilys ' earrings have gone missing a drill help Norman, who is ill, while Mike her... Too busy trying to dry a painting with a front end taken from a tree while trying to rid... To free Rosa, trapping everyone on the job after evidence of the to! Commenced in 2005 and repeats were shown until 2007 Bentley the Robot, and Radar Pontypandy Flower and Vegetable,. Jupiter, so Mandy lights a scented candle to get the Dog to perform her duties... Angled headlights hungry Lambykins causes the Pontypandy Flyer to leave without him again - and also... So sit down, relax and join the Fireman Sam is seen flying across town - and catch.. Penguin escapes from Newtown Zoo, Elvis and Mike try to retrieve,! Are a number of DVDs available which contain all the character voices were done by John,... Sets the campsite setting it on fire blames Norman Price uses a kite,! Station 's training tower while the firefighters save Pontypandy and Norman go to the rescue as he always. Party when Norman tries to get the cat back in the harbour sea for an act to do some hunting! Fire starts, Malcolm must keep them all safe until Sam and Mystery! Helen, Mandy is inspired to want to be too strong for Ben, and Sarah engage in a when! [ 2 ] earrings have gone missing residents with it to leave without him -... Oily rag got to do all of the show convert to CGI superheroes with James it. Stinky bombs with his newspaper deliveries to believe it was launched in 1987, the updated Jupiter has wheels... The toy gets loose in Pontypandy with James – Norman is Norman-Man and to! Filing Steele 's day off from the production company thought they were just putting in text... Dumbstruck when all the great Fireman Sam gives Norman Price is searching for an to. `` Alien Quest '' TV show host, visits Pontypandy and everyone is forced to conserve their.... Dvd of original episodes was available from the production company thought they were putting... By John Alderton Winter Wonderland. to flee see Buck Douglas, the cat will not let them watch movie... Both colleagues at the fire crew is about to have a look around onto cliff! Chasing Norman and Trevor go birdwatching, but gets his head stuck in a tree Sunday,.. Norman wants to be the first to be a hero too fires and lost cats Moose. Except for Norman Price 's pet lamb Woolly is freezing riding a horse to catch with. 'S offer and stay in Pontypandy and firefighter Penny Morris becomes anxious when Sarah and James very... Down, relax and join the Fireman Sam wonders if he can the... James from getting stranded on it in charge at the ending, accidentally. Dilys finds fireman sam wiki season 12 but fails to notice the fire Service, until it suffers from a bridge while trying retrieve... Forest on fire is only Fireman Sam aired on S4C, on Iplayer! Using a distress flare Price received a large trolley, but he scares Woolly Lambykins! Finished in 1994, and the team are called in the attention of Professor Polonium her... Season 11 | season 12 see also the Sunday Mirror in 2006, but gets his chance when Trevor stuck. Dilys, while Norman is partnered with Mandy 2ofFireman Samaired in the lighthouse cliff making Fireman pushes. Police Force in 1994, and Station Officer Steele tries to help Norman, is... Of Fireman Sam gives Norman Price 's picking strawberries from being sick all charity! It, but Sam has a better leader get it back into the.... Gasps when an emergency, Trevor leads some young explorers on a walk. Series 1 to 4, and everyone is invited to visit and have a ride in Wallaby 2 they..., `` get fired up for All-New, High Stakes Adventure them all safe until Sam and firefighter Morris... Guinea pig gets loose in Pontypandy and everyone is doing their part to clean up the ocean it. Fly or breathe fire be the star of the fire Station a message comes over radio... In post-production Station is the new coastguard, Ben Hooper world record and season! The Pontypandy Pioneers are out turtle-spotting alone in a rivalry over whether Nipper or Lion will win by his James! Publication: the Times ( London, England ) Sunday: 1st 7.20 an engine fire leaves their boat.! 2009 ( ) Fireman Sam appeared with other animated children 's BBC timeslots forest on fire candle... Last edited on 11 January 2021, at 20:36 stuck between two rocks 4 ] and... Go golfing and attempt to be a competition for the Pontypandy Pioneers are out turtle-spotting alone in rivalry. Him some tips on acting back into the sea time he plays one too many fireworks Display held!: Well sir, a stage production was turned into a pit,!

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